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Gustart was born thanks to the passion for truffles and wants to be known offering the best fresh product along with top quality sauces, because we want each one of our fresh or preserved truffles to be a treat for your roof. We employ every day trusted seekers, applying competitive price and offering quality and freshness.

Truffles come mostly from the Emilia-Romagna Apennines and we can offer all kinds of most valuable truffles, thanks to the knowledge of our land. Research and collection in other Italian regions was born as the result of experience gained in our territory.

The creation of a wide range of stored products has been formed in order to satisfy even the most selective customers who wish to use such a precious product, even when the harvest season is over. Our products are artisanally packaged, quality and truffle flavour are maintained all year long thanks to modern conservation techniques.



Gustart born in the autumn of 2009, in the heart of the most prized white truffle season. The store, located between the streets of the historic center of Reggio, is a reference point for lovers of truffles, fresh and in season products kept available throughout the year.
Upon entering the store exudes an air of authenticity, quality and tradition, thanks to the wide variety of refinements Italian food: meats Emiliani, craft beers, wines, cheeses and goat’s or sheep’s famous Parmigiano Reggiano Red Cows. Among these old walls, which enclose the celebration of the quality and passion for the specialty, were found mosaics belonging to Roman times, where you can admire the photographic reproduction.
Be impressed by the delicacies of Gustart: Fabiola will make you sit down and you can enjoy peace of mind with any dish with truffles and not in a corner of Reggio away from the hustle of the city, where you can see the square and the Cathedral.

Only fools are not greedy… one is greedy as are poets, one is greedy as are artists… 

Guy de Maupassant

Up to 30/09 our shop in Reggio Emilia with be OPEN ALL DAY until 20:00 pm. On Saturday until 23:00 pm. See you there!



Between the months of June and July 2012, an archaeological dig ran during the works for the construction of a basement compartment for private commercial use in Reggio Emilia (RE ), Via Croce Bianca 2 / D and some important mosaics of the Roman age were discovered.

In order to safeguard them, they have been covered with inert materials according to the directives of the Sovraintendenza dei Beni Archeologici, but previously pictures of the mosaics have been taken. Their vision will be publicly available from the month of May at the commercial space “Gustart”, the place of discovery.



One of the things that is immediately evident by walking through the streets of downtown is the Via Emilia of the Roman age. Under a transparent cove,r one can see large blocks of stone about two feet deep, virtually untouched. One of the most spectacular churches is San Prospero (997) on the square. It was founded to preserve the relics of the patron saint of the city. Next we can see the Torre Campanaria. In the nearby Piazza Prampolini (also known as Piazza Grande) we can find the Cattedrale romanica (romanesque Cathedral), il Battistero (Baptistery), il Palazzo del Monte, la Fontana del Crostolo ed infine il Palazzo Municipale.


Reggio Emilia has the honor of the title “Citta’ del Tricolore” because the Italian flag was born, in 1797 during the Cispadana Republic. Inside the Palazzo Comunale there is the Museum of the Tricolore, whose visit is a must for every tourist visiting for the first time our city. Five minutes walking from Piazza Prampolini the Municipal Theatre (1857) is situated: neoclassical style, columns, statues and renaissance atmosphere. The oldest is Teatro Ariosto. Not far away the Civic Museums that contain a large natural history collection, as well as collections of art and archeology. From here you reach the church most fascinating of Reggio: the rich and the Baroque Basilica della Ghiara and then the Ducal Palace, headquarters of the province and of the prefecture.